Where to do it: Garriochmill west of Kelvingrove park in Hillhead, also dried out streams or ditches in Pollock Country Park

How to do it: Study the canal, measure how wide it is, mark the same distance on the floor and practice to jump that distance until you are sure you can do it. Choose a place on the canal where there is space enough to run up and get velocity before the jump. Make sure there is enough space to land in a considerable range of graceful manners.

Care: The particularity of canals is to have wet surroundings, so test the grip of the edges with your schoes. Check how deep the canal is.

Equipment: Something to mark length of canal on ground

Hazards/risks: Slippery edges, heavy impact, falling into water, hypothermia, loosing teeth

Suitability for wet weather: No

Grade of difficulty: 4-10